Thursday, February 27, 2014

What Is Market America?

Market America is a business that was started in 1992 by J. R. and Loren Ridinger in their home in Greensboro, North Carolina. It has grown every quarter since it's beginning, and has evolved into a global business with a presence in Australia, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Spain, and it is rapidly expanding into other countries as well.

   What makes Market America unique? It has an incredible business/compensation/marketing plan, and like a franchise, it has systems and organization that make it easy for the average person to achieve success. The amazing thing about this business is this: if you bought a franchise, it would cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars and you would be paying the franchiser a fee every month. It only costs $129.95 to become what we call an "unfranchise" owner (an unfranchise is like a franchise, but without the negatives of one), and for that you get:
  • A national and global shopping site with over three thousand retailers, most of whom give cashback on purchases,
  • A turn-key business recruiting health professionals and putting our fabulous health and wellness products into their hands and the hands of their patients, Nutrametrix
  •  A retail sales business selling the outstanding products that Market America has identified as being the products that people are looking for, and has sourced the highest quality products from outside manufacturers. These products are found on also.
And YOU get paid, not the other way around as in a franchise.

   There are a few other parts to the business, but you get the idea. It is a simple business with many income streams that you can utilize to do what Market America is best at: giving people what they want and transforming lives with a business that promises and delivers, when you follow their proven business plan, a six-figure residual income. I will be talking about each part of the business in future posts, and I invite you to explore the many facets of this global company whose foundation is people helping other people to succeed.

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