Friday, March 29, 2013

Freedom? Or a life of debt....

   I named my business Living Free for a very good reason. After trying three different multi-level marketing businesses I had given up on finding a business that actually paid me rather than the owner of the MLM. Then I saw the business model for Market America and immediately recognized that this was different from MLM, and vastly superior. I love the idea of freedom from debt, and freedom from the hamster wheel of going back and forth to work for 45 years or more, spending your life working for someone else's success. Market America was the only business I had ever seen that actually delivered on the promise of financial freedom and time freedom, money and the time to enjoy it. If you are a college student, the following is an article posted on MA Blog, and it is horrifying, to say the least. The statistics on student debt are not good, but the good news is that Market America offers hope and a solution.

The following is a 6 minute video that shows the difference between Market America and other forms of business.

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