Friday, March 22, 2013

Huffington Post Reports That Amazon is Alienating Merchants...

From J R Ridinger, founder and CEO of Market America:

Amazon may be the world’s biggest online retailer, but according to this interesting article from the Huffington Post, it would seem this retail giant is starting to rub many of its merchants the wrong way! For the past year, Amazon has been increasing fees for its third party merchants – leaving many of them very frustrated.

Increased fees often mean that cost is passed on to the consumer – meaning fewer deals and ultimately fewer third party merchants that want to do business with you. At Market America and SHOP.COM, we take pride in the relationships we’ve built with our partner stores – and work hard to ensure that everyone benefits from doing business with us.

Everyone already knows SHOP.COM offers an online shopping experience that is second to none, with Cashback, state of the art search results, the personal touch of a Shop Consultant, innovative shopping tools like SHOPBuddy and eGifts, and features like AutoShip that help ensure you never run out of the products you need – but did you know we also go the extra mile for our third party merchants as well?

Our partner store team does an incredible job working with third party merchants, providing personalized account service to help make sure business runs smoothly. We don’t just see our third party merchants as people we do business with – we think of them as family, and work with them to grow both our businesses – not just collect fees.

We work with them to craft individual marketing programs to promote their products and services, and thanks to our unmatched “People Power,” we have the ability to help promote them in the marketplace and to drive word of mouth marketing to help them sell merchandise.

Better relationships with our third party merchants mean better deals that we can pass on to the consumer, and more ways to help our UnFranchise owners grow their businesses! We believe that we succeed by helping others succeed, and this principle is applied across all aspects of our business – from the consumer to our fellow merchants.

Great businesses have a knack for fostering an environment where deals are mutually beneficial to all parties involved – that’s why Market America and SHOP.COM is built to please our customers, merchants, and UnFranchise owners alike! And that’s why we are the premiere global entrepreneurial opportunity!

    There are many videos on YouTube about that you can watch for more information. Keep in mind that we still have the same features as you will see in these videos, but the site is being updated all the time so the look of the site will not be the same now. The greatest feature of all, besides the cashback of course, is shopbuddy, which you can download in just a minute and ensure that you will never miss your cashback as you shop on the web. I will be putting a post devoted to shopbuddy on this blog in the next few days.

   Not only is SHOP.COM a fabulous site for shopping, with many features to help the customer save money and get cashback, it is also the centerpiece of a business that is helping thousands to achieve financial freedom as well as time freedom. The following is a 23 minute video that gives an overview of the business and the unique compensation plan:

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